21st Michigan Soldiers held in Andersonville Prison

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Last Name First Name, MI Rank Company Home Town Prisoner
Heath Myron Private C Thornapple Died (Diarrhea) Jul 31, 1864
Mead George Private F Greenville Exchanged Apr 1864
Wakeman Clark W. Private F Pine Paroled Apr 28, 1865
Cole Francis H. Private G Coopersville Exchanged Nov 14, 1864
Spencer George Private H Courtland Center Died (Diarrhea) Oct 1, 1864
Morrison* James Private F Pontiac Died (Scorbutus) Sept 16, 1864
Sneed** R. W. CPL F N/A Exchanged Apr 1, 1865
McCloud A. Private I N/A Died (Scorbutus) Sept 1, 1864

Source: National Park Service database.

* According to Andersonville records Morrison was member of the 21st however, Michigan records indicate he served with the 22nd Michigan, Company D.

**Not listed in the Michigan list of veterans


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