Article from The Detroit Free Press January 1863


The Regiment Engaged Four Successive Days.

Gallantly of the Officers and Men.



Headquarters Twenty-First Mich., Inf.
Camp at Stone River, Jan. 7, 1863

The battle of Murfreesboro is now among the actions of the past. After six days of fierce fighting the enemy have evacuated, and again left us in possession of a place we never should have surrendered. The engagement commenced on Monday, and continued until Saturday night after dark. I have no time to ...(illegible)..., but that the contest has been hard won. I leave you to determine ...(illegible)... of killed and wounded.

General Johnson's division occupied the right, General Davis' division came next, and our division (General Sheridan's) had a position near the center.

On Wednesday morning at daybreak an attach was ...(illegible)... upon Johnson and Davis with overwhelming force, who were driven back, thus leaving our division exposed to a murderous fire from the front and on our right flank. The enemy closed in rapidly and nearly surrounded us, but they were timely checked. Our fighting was for the most part in thick cedar woods. Our regiment was engaged four different times on Wednesday. Our loss was ...(illegible)... in each engagement. It was in command of Lieutenant Colonel McCreary (Colonel Stevens being still in Nashville), who is evidently a fitting man, and among the bravest of the brave. Under his lead Michigan never will be disgraced. (Illegible)...

We went into battle with one bullet hole through our colors, which we received at Perrysville, and came out with twenty-six holes in our colors and through our staff.

...(illegible)... He received a ...(illegible)... wound on the army in the early part of the contest, but did not leave the field until the battle was over. He ...(illegible)... with the regiment, and doing well. I understand that Colonel McCreary has paid him a handsome compilment in his report.

Captain Chase, of Company H, also did nobly. Captain Albee, of Company G, was wounded and taken prisoner. They offered to parole him but he refused to take the oath, and finally made his escape.

In a word, ...(illegible)... have done their duty. Will not the Governor ...(illegible)... us replacements to fill up our thinned ranks. Below I give you a list of our.... (illegible/remaining article text missing)

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