Article from the April 11th, 1865 edition of The Detroit Advertiser and Tribune, page 4, column 4.

The 21st Michigan
Goldsboro, N.C., March 26, 1865

On the 19th inst., we fought a very severs battle 20 miles from this place. The battle commenced about 10o’clock. Our division led the attack. The second division soon followed and was hotly engaged until after dark. The rebels massed their forces, in front of the first division, when we charged them and were replaced. The rebel charged in four columns deep and broke the lines of the first and third brigades. The 13th Michigan and 69th Ohio were routed, but the 21st held its ground until ordered to retreat. By this time 20th corps came to our assistance and with the help of artillery that had get into position we drove the rebels. They re-formed their lines and made charge after charges even times in succession, but we repulsed them each time. That ended the fighting for that day. On the 20th the rebels attacked the 15th corps and were badly whipped and the next day retreated. Our loss in the two brigades mot hotly engaged was very large especially in wounded. I cannot give the exact number. The boys are cheerful and with a few exception, the health of the regiment is good. Four commissioned officers of the regiment are wounded.

L. M. C.

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