Article from the June 14th, 1865 edition of The Detroit Advertiser and Tribune, page 1, column 3.


Return to and reception at the City of Over 1,600 Michigan Man-Interesting Details.

Detachments of the 13th, 19th, and 21st Michigan Infantry regiments and of several batteries arrived at this city at 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon, having been duly mustered out of the service at Washington last week. The 19th infantry numbered 397 men, including officers. The balance of the regiment, 130 in number, whose terms did not expire pervious to Oct. 1st, had been transferred at Washington to the 14th army corps, and consolidated with the 13th or 14th regiment of this State. The roster of the officers with this regiment [19th Michigan] is as follow:
Major - David Anderson, commanding.
Surgeon - John Bennett.
Assistant Surgeon – Geo. M. Trowbridge.
Quartermaster – L. M. Wing.
Co. A. – Captain, Leroy Cotill; 1st Lieutenant, B. J. Ohls.
Co. B. – Captain, Luclea B. Barkhart; 1st Lieutenant, J. W. Duel.
Co. C. – Captain John M. Shapter.
Co. D. – Captain, F. D. Baldwin
Co. F. – Captain, H. A. Ford; 1st Lieutenant, B. Lenan, J. W. Duel.
Co. G. Captain, D. J. Eastman, 1st Lieutenant, J. Wilson.
Co. H. Captain, Lucius Phetteplace.
Co. I. 1st Lieutenant, A. Kirkwood.
Co. K. – Captain John F, Clark, 1st Lieutenant, Louis A. Labida.

Of the 13th Michigan, there was a detachment of 187 men, accompanying the 21st, and the regiment there were 330 men in all. The balance of the 21st regiment remaining in the field, 147 men, has been consolidated with the 17th infantry. The list of officers accompanying the detachment which arrived here yesterday, is as follow:

Lieutenant Colonel – L. K. Bishop, commanding.
Major – B. D. Fox.
Surgeon – J. Avery.
Adjutant – C. S. Brown.
Quartermaster – J. W. Dye.
Co. A – Captain, C. W. Estoo; 1st Lieutenant, Sanford W. Legon; 2nd Lieutenant Judson Clark.
Co. B. – Captain A. E. Barr; 2nd Lieutenant, Allen R. Foate.
Co. C. – Captain, R. B. Robinson; 2nd Lieutenant, N. J. Prait
Co. D. – Captain, T. J. Stevenson; 1st Lieutenant D. B. Sage; 2nd Lieutenant, H. D. Perkins.
Co. E. – Captain, A. C. Pringe; 1st Lieutenant, B. D. Bright.
Co. F. – Captain, E. R. Crowel; 1st Lieutenant, C. Vann Loo.
Co. G – Captain, G. M. Woodward; 1st Lieutenant, A. Bgelow.
Co. H. – Captain, C. Belknap; 1st Lieutenant, C. F. Sars; 2nd Lieutenant, A. B. Cheney.
Co. I. – Captain, G. W. Weymer; 1st Lieutenant, R. Nelson; 2nd Lieutenant, D. English.
Co. K – Captain, J. C. Taylor; 1st Lieutenant, O. C. Townsend; 2nd Lieutenant, D. O. Cuff.

Battery C entire, with a few men from batteries I and K, amounting to 107 in all, accompanied the others. The following is a list of officers of this organization; Captain, W. W. Hyser; 1st Lieutenants, H. N. Town and j. J. Calkins; 2nd Lieutenant, Thos. Gregg and A. Estabrook.

The total number of men in all detachments footed up 1,018, accompanied by the 16 horses, and they were all transported to this city by the Morning Star. On landing, they were marched to the dining room of the ladies, where dinner had been prepared for them. The magnificent band of 19th U. S. loyalty from Fort Wayne was in attendance, and furnished splendid music. The room has been additionally decorated of late and its general appearance was flue, especially the animation of the scene. The men were received with cheers and highly welcomed by Rev. G. Taylor. They cheered and shouted heartily in return. On finishing his dinner, each man was handed a cigar as he passed out, these luxuries having been donated by J. J. Bagley, Esq. The men were then formed in line and marched to their respective rendezvous, the 13th and 21st Infantry at Keeler’s Hall, and the battery and 19th Infantry at the Barracks. As they passed through the streets they were loudly cheered, the old flag of the 19th eliciting especial enthusiasm.

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