Article from the July 21th, 1864 edition of The Detroit Advertiser and Tribune, page 4, column 2.

The 21st Michigan Infantry
Chattanooga, Tenn., July 15

“The Twenty-firsters,” as we have been nicknamed, remain in statu quo, scattered for some four or five mils about the mountain, with our headquarters unchanged in one of the Southern country seats of Summertown, enjoying some of the luxuries of aristocratic indolence and wealth. We have leased for an indefinite period a splendid mansion together with all the adjoining buildings for summer residence, unless sooner removed.

We, in conjunction with the 13th Michigan, are disposing of a great amount of work every boy that can creep is on duty, in both regiments. Cap guard picket duty, running the lumber mills, building hospitals, or laying pipes to convey water from the distant springs to supply their wants.

Our picket is the only protection we have for the sick and wounded soldiers, together with the immense amount of hospital property here on the mountain. Our Major (Fox) Capt. Belknap, Lieuts. Sage and Foote, together with tree commissioned officers from the 13th Michigan, have been sent to the front in charge of a large number of convalescents

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