Article from the May 26th, 1863 edition of The Detroit Advertiser and Tribune, page 3, column 2.

A Sensation Story.

The Chicago Post tells, with suspicious detail, the story of Annie Lillybridge, a Detroit maiden, who "was employed in a dry goods stone in Detroit, where she became acquainted with a Lieutenant W---, of one of the Michigan regiments, and an intimacy immediately sprang up between them. They corresponded for some time, and became much attached to each other. Some time during last summer Lieut. W -- was appointed to a position in the 21st Michigan infantry, then rendezvousing in Ionia county. The thought of parting from the gay Lieutenant nearly drove he mad, and she resolved to share his dangers and be near him. No sooner had she resolved upon this course that she proceeded to act. Purchasing male attire, she visited Ionia, enlisted in Capt. Cavanagh's company, 21st regiment. While in camp she managed to keep her secret from all - not even the object of her attachment, who met her every day, was aware of her presence so near him," &c. Annie campaigned with the regiment for some time was recently shot in the arm while on picket duty, discharged on account of her arm becoming stiff when healed, and was found friendless in the streets of Chicago weeping by side her carpet bag. If the Post's story is true, she is in Detroit at this moment and can, if she exists and is communicative corroborate the above story.


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