Hd. Qrs. 21st Mich. Vol. Int.
Lookout Mountain July 13/64

My Dearly, beloved. Esther that is Hadassa,

How are you & “how is you “Muzzer “ “ Father came up yesterday afternoon and spent the day with me went down again this A.M. had a pleasant time but had to laugh at your glass and tea cup why did you not send a silver spoon also. but I guess I can manage to break booth of them before we break up camp Aunt E— made a nice thing of this “tea Cup” (the tin one) it is admitted to be just what is wanted on a march, here however we have our tea pot and coffee pot as well as you do at home, and I guess Father will tell you that we do not live in bad style, at all, I made him take my bunk last night, so he can tell you the whole thing, haveing ate, drank, and slept, with me as I do, but I gave him the first Whortleberry pie he had this year, the Col. was glad to see him and we had a sociable visit from & with him he found an Ambulance for Father to ride down in. and was O.K.

Bully for Gov. Crapo I will vote for him and I made one vote in the state convention for him as we sent a delegate to it from the Regt. and I just made H.H.— to be a sound, rather subdued angel &c &c & capt. said before he left he was to go for Hon H.H. what is J.L.Brown A.B.D.D.D.O.L. oxen (alias Calf, as yet) J.T.Y. dooing now or where is he did he graduate &c and tell him I fell for all “University Rascals” like him &c &c. will he take a cource of theology or the other thing has Aunt E-- gone yet and is Geo. wounded much. Bill Begole or rather Lt. Wm. A. Begole Co “A” 23 M. is dooing as well as could be expected Father & I went up to see the child and found him sitting up in bed writing he is O.K. and all it wants is time to heal in. “who wouldent be a soldier.” why the oId boy dont some of you write I heard from Fred the 2nd of June the last time from you about 3 weeks ago and the rest an indefinate period back but since the reign of “Chas. the Fat” I recvd a letter from Miss Dustan and she has probably recvd. the ans. before this time I learnt the news from her she is a valued corrispondent for she seems to be posted in our afairs. and you just tell her if I ever get back I realy dont know but I would let her “kiss me for my mother”

Remember me (you know how) my double & twisted regards to Mrs Judd also to Mrs Smith (of course they booth embrace their husbands) also to all the New Store boys. Oh! I want you to send down 2 or three of my “photos” I want one for Adjt Morse and some of the boys. the Adjt. has resigned and I am mad as a wet hen about it. wont get as good a boy or as smart a fellow in the Adjt office right off. also I sent to Fred for some “photos” I have in your album but he has never refered to the order at all and never sent them either will you please do it. send Mollie I— Curtiss & case of Mollie B-- I have one you may have that one. you sent an endless supply of hose by Fath. all to thin woolen is the thing. I ordered by mail a pack of paper envelopes &c &c but Fred sent you say by express will not make much on that bundle as it will cost only $1.00 a pound by express and 32c. a pound by mail. A small package like the by express cost as much as a box weighing 30 to 50 Ib however will learn Fred something before the 3 yrs are out will be glad enough to get the paper as I have none our sutler is out and the Q.M. has not recvd the quarters supply yet, also envelopes like this only cost 50c. we live cheap down here. Ale 30c. a cup. butter 75c. and &c &c Whortleberries only $2.00 a gallon black berries $1.00 & “evry thing is lovely and the goose hangs high” tel1 evrybody I am their “Whortleberry” and remb. me to all the young unmarried ladies in town especialy the good looking ones. and those, "in for the union"

Yours &c


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