Hd Qrs 21st Mich I.
Lookout Mt. June 20th

My Dear Etta. (that is Hadassa)

I really dont know how I owe a letter to you or Mother butas it is “all In the family” it will not make a great difference.

You see we have moved our camp upward as we are now on the summit of the far famed Lookout and while I am writing we are in the clouds, and they are above below and all around us it looks funny. This old mountain has some grand scenery you can well believe from the point you can see parts & points in 7 different states all from Virginia to Alabama Ky. Ten. Georgia. & booth Carolinas now can you deny but what that is “some” some of he cliffs of will go as high as 300 feet. or at least there is one down at “Rock City” that is 300 feet and in most any direction you wil1 find them from 30 to 100 in highth two of the bys & I went down to Rock City a day or two ago the city is a collection of immense rocks on the surface of the ground some larger than all the stores in Flint put together and ranging from 20 to 60 feet high between these run regular streets or lanes of all sizes one we passed through about 18 to 24 inches wide and as long a from our house to H.M. Hendersons with a smooth rise of rocks on booth sides nearly 40 feet. and in some places closed at the top so forming a tunnell. in others the streets would be 15 or 20 feet wide in some places the rocks looked as though they had been arranged so on purpose and in others as if they had been shaken up & turned out in all shapes and sizes in 3 or 4 Places we found caves or Grottoes about 30 to 60 feet long. & of all sizes and highth we clambered on top and got ourselves full of “Whortleberries and visited the Elephant (a big stone on legs) or the rock called so. went out on the precipices the one that was highest (300) was something in this shape or was of two sets of falls another about 125 feet was in this and to get on the point it was a rather dizzy looking place (see me on the point ahem!) I will if I can get some “photos” of the point the falls & lake send them home to you the point is about 80 feet high and is a most magnificant place to view the world tere is a cave in the side of the mountain that has been explored for over 2 miles an we inted to go as far as possible in it probably before I write again I can describe that to you as Spencer (the hosp Stew) and Dawson (ordely of Co B) have agreed to go with we have got a lantern an lot of candles all ready to go I will send you a drawing of our new camp and it is the best one yet I mess with the Sergt. Maj. and Reg. orderly. and sleep in my own tent (a new one) with good bed and. all ok on the goose question, we are camped, only about 40 Rods from the 13th Mich and on the other side is Brig. Hd. Qrs. the 18 have a splendid Band who play bully and discourse sweet music evry day and evry evening sunday they play most all day and it sounds nice I can tell you we have an occasional serenade &c &c and all is lovely and the goose hangs high We have good spring water here plenty to eat & not much to do. for dinner I had Pork fried) Bread. Johney cake. (that will rival yours) coffee & piece of “Apple pie” (extra) we draw Rations of Pork, Bread Beans, Rice, coffee, sugar, potatoes, hard tack. Beef, with occasionaly extras so you see I fare as well as I want we generaly get 3 days soft Bread & 2 Hard tack, 5 of coffe & sugar 2 of potatoes & 3 of rice 3 of Beans, 3 of pork & 2 of fresh meat we draw evry 5 days in those proportions, if we can draw some chickens (by their legs) or get some onions Radishes or the like (by the tops or draw some new potatoes (with a hoe) or if we happen to steal a small piece of rope and a “roaster” come along with it. or if we find a cow andshe gives us some milk, those are extras, not down in the Q.M. list.

But I can say that soldiers never do steal, they “draw” or “find” or “Gobble” or “pick up” or “get trusted for it” or “borrow” &c &c but it has to be all sly on the goose for it is against orders but as Col Me told some of the boys a day or two ago. (we have orders not to cut any tree or shrub on the ground) the boys were putting up a “tool house” for the Q.M. and a small tree was in the way the Col saw how it was & said “Well boys you musnt cut that tree down but there is the place for the house and you dont want the tree in the house, you must not cut it down but———you want to dig it up” and walked off amid the shouts of the boys so you see we must not forage for it is against orders, as we were told by a “stray” the other day “Boys there is a hen roost down yonder but you dont want to go near it” of course we took the hint & dident (over the left.) but it is all in a life time or as we say “it comes in 3 years”, I get the papers more regular now. & am much oblidged for the samein haste your aff broth.


P.S. Dierct as before. 21st Mich. Eng. Brig. Chattanooga.


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