Hd Qrs 21st Mich Intfy
Chattanooga Ten. May 20

My Dearly Beloved “Hada(ss)a"

I received your most welcome note last evening and had about given up all hopes of hearing from you at all as I had written to all of you and had not heard frome any of the family and if I had not been posted from other quarters should have been tempted to have resigned and come home, but thanks (not to you)I heard of you once In a long while.

So Aunt Eliza is with you is she, bully for her. (don’t let her see this) I would like to see her tip top, and a "reb" coz. from down this way. smash him if the butternut stickes out at all. I have a peculiar antipathy to Butternuts for the other day came within an ace of being “gobbled" by a lot of them was, going about 5 miles from our lines with another boy foraging through the country and
about 20 got between us and camp so we had to go it after dark. ( darsent tell of it here for they would make fun of us) but managed to get to camp O.K. all the forage we got was all the Lectuice (is it spelt right) we could carry and our canteens full of new warm milk and at one house made them get us some supper and had warm buiscuit and butter. and at first Buttermilk and we made them get sweet milk. and I will tell you what ate for supper, 9 buiscuits. 6 tumblers sweet milk. 1 of Buttermilk. and a plate of Butter. at another 2 glasses Sour milk. you go to any house here and ask for a drink of milk and they will always bring either Buttermilk or sour milk. you ought to be here to see some of the fish yesterday two boys brought a catfish into camp with a stick through its gills and it draged on the ground with the pole on their shoulders. it weighed only 68 pounds, and in its mouth you could put a small wash tub. we have a dance most evry night and have lots of fun generaly. was over in town yesterday with Jack Mc and had a lot of fun. have met two Flint boys that I know. and one or two that I know now. it dont take much to get acquainted down here.

The themometor is at about 95 now and averages nearly 90 all the while, have had since I have been here splendid bathing privilidges &c &c Yc

Jack, will probably start for home in a day or two, & he will tell you all how I am &c Yc. you said I did not tell you what I was doing I am detailed as Adjt. Clerk, a place about equal to the Com. Sergt. or Qr. Sgt, and I have about from 5 minutes to 2 hours work a day except about a week the 1st of evry month when I am as buisy as I want to be and hereafter direct to me at Adjt Office 21st Mich Infy. Chattanooga I see Col. Mc most evry day he is in comd of the Brigade and is O.K. just imagine me in my tent at the table writing with my feet on the desk (see Freds diagram of my tent) and Jack fast asleep on the bed and evry body trying to keep cool by wearing the least clothing possible and you have it. the Adjt is a tip top boy and so are all of them that I have found yet.
I am a going to send you some of our potatoes with our recpt for cooking them and see how you like them but I guess you would prefer the regular "Irish" to them. At least I should and I guess any body else wish you could see a regular dinner of my getting up but in about 8 years I will show you how to get up a good dinner of nothing, new I shall not say anything about the southern females but I guess I will not marry any of them. for I do not admire tobacco chewers or snuff dippers enough for that we see some fine specimens I can tell you. when I was out the other day we went into a splendid plantation house and the lady of the house (a large Splendid looking woman) Entertained us and all the time had her mouth full of tobacco which she could "eject” as sientificaly as any oId codger I ever saw but enough of such in haste I am your turnip

C S Brown

remember me to "Aunty,” and tell her I am her Whortleberry &c Yc get a Photo, of Coz Will. “Reb." for me if you can I want to see him What "posish" has Coz Will. in Smiths and how do the boys like him.

(ask Fred)

tell fred. he is O.K. only he ought to write and dont wait 10 days after you receive a letter before you answer it for it takes six days for it to come this way. ask Fred if he sent back my paper and if so it may get here just in time to be of use to me get a photo of Let Dustan and send to me she promised me one and I shall held her to the promise and tell her I would like to waltz with her once more is she married yet, or is that "fishey" get the photo and yours



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