Hd. Qrtrs 21st Mich.Vol. Intfry.
Lookout Mountain July 21/64

My Dearest Sister "Hadassa"

I have a small buisiness transaction with you and if you will from time to time give me a half hour you can doo it without much trouble I want you to get a piece of Ladies Cloth or some plain
(not twilled ) flanell of a plain color (not red) enough for a pair of shirts (yes, plain english, Shirts) and shrink it 5 or 6 times before you make it up. then make as follows. size. big enough for Ben Pierson. Length, long enough for A. C. Eddy. Sleves, long enough for a long armed ape. (thats me) and big enough for pants legs. The wristband, a small one about l-1/2 inches wide. Colar, the same as a white shirt, boosom plain, one single pleet or tuckdown the center and make the boosom lap ever at least 2 or 3 Inches, the reason I state all this is that you remember how big you made those for me last winter well I cannot get them around my neck and have a string in to make them longer
and the arms have shrunk so that from half way to the elbow up to my shoulder it is as if it had been put in Splints, so short and small around, now these I shall not want for at least two months yet and send with them also one or two pair of good wolen socks (as good as I have if you can) and line the toes and heels I would put up a shirt and pair of socks and Mail, at seperate times, in about 2 months so you will have time to get them up these I have are whole yet but are going like the. I will give you credit for being just old pois on. On the Hdkfs, and please consider me your Whortleberry, for the same. also for that fruit by Father it was bully, those socks you sent by Father will not doo me here I have heavy boots and have to wear thick socks but Aunt S. must have "been on a march" to have hit so nicely on a tea pot. it is Just the thing on a march and I have laid it by. we have now our big coffee pot and tea pot. you know the size of the “tea cup” you sent, well our cups hold that just 5 times full and we drink them Once and a half times full evry meal. A.M. coffee noon, Blk Tea. (Government) P.M. Good tea) so it makes that little cup 22-1/2 times full what would Mother say to 7-1/2 cups of Coffee or tea at a meal when she used to be astonished at 3 or 4. “Who souldent be a soldier.

Our Adjt. has gone home in Furlough to Resign will not probably be back again to the Regt. Col. McCreery will resign this fall and then C.S. will have to mind hid P’s & Q.' s or “how are you $700. man,” as they call all new Recruit a but “let those laugh who win”, I mean, to make Father leave me that Valise of his and some traps, he has in his possession will trade him my Knapsack for the valise dont know where he is heard from him Sunday said he should have to leave Chatt. dont know as he has or how will have to go down in day or so for Freds, box. and will find out we will probably have to evacuate the Mt. in 3 or 4 weeks and may turn up at Marietta or down in that region hope we will be sent there am tiard of laying about this way all we do is eat, drink sweat sleep, smoke and, amuse ourselves. the Regt. is kept at work rather constantly, however I do not now come in that list my worS: is with my head & Pen, just a note from Father he is o.k. and plenty of work. “has not heard from home yet.” will probably not in a couple of weeks yet. Capt Damon Stewart and Adjt Charles Muma. 23rd Mich Intfry were up and spent the day on last Sunday was mighty glad to see him I can tell you Damon is a brick and Charley fat and black as an Indian, were back on detatched sen. will probably return to the front on this week Wednesday that was yesterday. bully for Charley Muma. Will Begole is O.K. will probably be home in 5 or 6 weeks his wound is all going on prosperously no bones broken and will recover rapidly as soon as it gets cooler. I guess you had better get for those “sharts” of mine dark Brown Ladies Cloth, and get a good piece for you would be astonished to see our boys wash. and they will have to stand it all.

In haste consider me as your long lost June Bug.
Charles Brown

(Off to the left side)

I want the bosom to Lap over so that I can set back the button as the shirt shrinks you “mix for sta”
Call on Fred. For the “needful” and he will furnish it or whoever has got my cash.



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