Head Qrs 21st Mich Intfy Vols
Chattanooga Tenn May 25/64

My Dear Sister,

I am a going to write you a small letter this time as I expect to be buisy all next week and. shall not have much time. as all of the Co's & Regt.s Monthly Returns will have to be made out and sent off so I dont expect any ease during the week. since I last wrote we have moved camp that is we have "spread ourselves" the Staff officers have moved upon top of the hill under some of the finest trees you ever saw and the tents are hardly touched by the sun which is a good note on me for I am a sort of "attache" to the Staff and spend my time among them and the rest of the camp have spread themselves over nearly three times the ground that they used to occupy.
I see that Father is a little scared about my health but he may rest with all ease on that score for I am O.K. and getting as black as an Indian but I dont complain of that at all there has a party of the officers gone up on Lk. Mt. among them the Adjt so that I am all alone in my glory. I have been out once or twice but have escaped so far all right. I have changed my quarters now and sleep in the Dr. office with the Hosp. Steward (a bully boy with a glass eye) and still mess with my company. I am getting pretty well acquainted with all of the officers and most of the non-commissioned I guess I will not refer your note to any of the officers but will try and bore you with enough of my own writing to make amends for doing so. about the handsomest man in the Regt. is Chap. Earl who is a large portly man larger than Father and looks as if he had not (as some other parsons do live on "faith & Bronse" however I like him bully, he is clever and sociable and & does not "rag on airs" as a good many do. Jack has started home & you will see him before this I sent $20 by him could have sent more but we will not be paid again for 4 months and so I thought I would keep it as I will want some to keep along with me. Jack can tell you all about this child and how I am fixed and evrything you can ask him and all about the officers & men I have to deal with what my duties are and what I escape by being in this office & all and evrything about the country and all the points of interest in this whole blessed country.

You wrote just the kind of a letter two & ½ sheets of Com. Note. bully for you keep on doing so I got a letter from the C. SecY.L.A.S. in answer to mine full of "Noble soldiers" "our country" "patriotism" &c &c &c from Miss Knight she writes a good fish and I have a notion to answer it to pass away time. how does the "Ladie's aid Society" flourish (I suppose you discard the title of "old Ladies &c"). I did promise Mrs. Thayer a photo and intended to speak about it however it is all right has Helen Case returned yet & if so how is she &c &c so Frank & Em Rose — are confirmed are they, well —— it is none of my buisiness, how does Fred continue to like the Bank & does he depreciate that Coz. of mine in Smiths for what various reasons. Smith wanted me back bad before I came away, but I could not see it in the same light that is the reason he dont say anything, bless his bald pate.

Let me know about that ball & what costumes appeared & who wore them. how is Miss Custan tell she ought to permit me to write "as we are engaged" you know all about it and in fact we made no secret of it so Charley Dewey is not the "happiest man in the world" this spring well I feel for him but I cant reach him. please remember me to Charley when you are in the store and let me knew how he is(.) has Lowman answered my letter yet if so please forward it I have written to him from here. what is Coz Clara's address & would you write to her. I have written all around once & am now waiting answers and if they dont want to write they can do the other thing just tell them so for me. I dont know how Aunt E— will take my note to her but hope just as I meant it does this slang I use astonish her or how is it.

Father writes rather unfavorably about the farm hope he will sell it before I get home for I dont want to fool with the thing. Lewis will be home in about a month will he well let him look out for the draft when he does get home. (I must stop & go & cook my grub will write after dinner)

Have just had a "Biddle House" dinner the 1st Course was pork fried, Bread, & Coffee, the 2nd was coffee. Bread & fried pork & the 3rd Bread & Coffee & fried Pork & for desert we had to eat up the remainder of the Bread coffee & pork so you see we have 3 courses & desert & by jove it is bully I am a going to send a package of our potatoes home & let you see what they are the rice & beans & beacon & potatoes with Coffee sugers salt & Hard tack or Bread & salt pork are about all we get last week we had smoked Shoulder & this week one day of fresh Beef but I like a good slice of salt pork as good as any. do you hear Alex— mentioned any where & if so what is he doing & where is he & ask Fred to find out how Chas E Antiss is & let me know. what has become of the Dustan. I wrote him a powerfull letter & have not heard from it yet how do you like the war news bully for our side got a letter from Charley C— & he claims to wish he was down here the worst kind but why dont he come they would, be glad to see him &c any of the officers would like to take him up on their rolls cant fool me though, he is glad that he stayed although he missed a chance that dont grow on evry bush. but I have the neatest little place & I intend to hold it at all hazards untill I get a better I am as Ada, said Adjt Clerk. & am well how are you.! I told Col. Mc about your catching Ada. but he could not imagine how she knew (oh! no. of course not) but it seemed, to please Jack though. I guess the Col will come back to the Regt in a week or so I hope so for I like Col Wm. B. Mc better than Lt. Col. L. K. Bishop although the Lt. Col. has always treated me like a gentleman & is a tip top bohoy! but is not the man that Col Mc is. was paid of as I said before & I guess Jack took home $12000. with him from the boys & officers about here but I did not send much as I will want some but I must close for I will have to write a note to Father on special I am afraid Father is putting himself to unnedessary trouble about the Bounty, for if he had simply sent me the recpt. endorsed by Warren I would have drawn it on pay day. but let her rip he cannot draw it without my order or transfer, but he may &c if so all right if not why I can four months from now that is all.

but I must quit but will write as soon as I can after the rush of Reports & Returns &c &c is made up & shipped.

Believe me as ever
Your aff broth

Please Address (C.S.B. adjt office 21st Mich Intfy

Excuse a Government envelope & oblidge me the Photo, of yours is good much oblidged consider yourself kissed, to pay for it tell me all the minutiae of evrything all I hear from in Flint don’t keep me posted in matters & things about town who is married or dead or got a baby or has any body been murdered &c &c I have met a son of one of our Flint citizens a son of the late Luther Trickey & he looked, like Flint some and also a sons of Harry Parsell &. A Broth of Carry Fields all from different Regts. But all I was glad to see & had some fun with each as I met them.

in haste
yours &c
C S Brown

Bad news from the 4th Cavly. you will learn sooner than I about who is luckey & who not among the boys let me knew when you do

in haste



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