HD. Qrs. 21st Mich V. inft.
Washington, D.C. May 28/65

Dear Folkses, or any other man,

We are all lovely here in the national Capital but I dont see much of It. as we are buisy as the old boy. we expect to see Michigan in about two weeks. we have to work day & night making up old a/c & papers &c &c has Fred. gone to N. York Yet, I wish I had that place he was got. when I an discharged hope I will be kept in the Service for I realy dont know what to do when I get out. guess I will go to Mexico.what do you say to that. but must go to work & stop this. I dont write much for I have not time. all my corispondents out of the family, have played out on me.& that is one reason I am out of practise but “such is like”

as ever your aff son & Broth

P.S. Expect me home in about 3 weeks or the 1st of July 1865

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