Hed Qrs. 21st Mich Vol Inft
Savannah Ga. Jany 5th 186[5]

Dear Father,

We have just returned from a picket excursion of two days all sound & I made my debut as I should have done long ago, but all is well, I hope you have sent those articles I sent for for I need them bad on this tramp I had to borrow sword coat & all but I got through with it all right, and now have a day or two probably in camp. We have orders, to be ready for another campaign as soon as possible and we expect to start soon.

You heard that Major Fop. had sent for my commission but the fact is I wrote for it myself in his name without his knowledge or consent, & more, he forward a petition from all the officers of the Regt. to Gov. Blair to have the Commission recalled, and was surprised when the last one came, & as he had not heard from the Gov. about the other communication, he handed it to me, & I went to work, & got myself "mustered in", before he hardly knew it,& the best 3'oke I mustered back to Oct. 16th under his verry nose but this I state to show the feeling in the Regt. and if there is a chance for a 1st Lt & Adjt of a 1st Lt. in another Segt. I would except it gladly especially for the same as I now hold. but that as it may I now hold the place & all the 21st Regt cant bluff me out of it but it is verry annoying & unpleasant, my mustering back to Oct. will give me pay for Nov & Dec or about $220.00 (or $110.00 a month) and there will all the Govt. Bounty be stopped against me & clothing I have drawn in all about Bty $140.00 clothing $12.00 = 152.00 which will leave only $68.00 due me on the 1st of Jany. I will have to buy Hoarse Saddle &c or $150.00 clothing $100.00 & board costs me $20.00 a month I will have 8 months pay at $110.00 or total $880.00 board will coat $160.00 clothing besides $100.00) $50 or total $150.00 indicentals 20.00 a month of $160.00 servant 10 months $80.00 or about $700.00 for the 8 months so you can see it costs to be in authority but House &c will bring in something at the end of the time if not I will bring it home but it will not be much of an object to be adjt. as far as pay is concerned if I could stay a year of two so as to make up for aa “outfit” it would be a different thing I now have some little cash at home how much I do not know but guess it is all right. Etta said something about the Home Regt. go for it if you can not that I dislike the whistle of bullets for I lay in the trenches & drew the fire of Shell & SharpShooters just to hear the balls whiz — but the spite in the Regt is so unpleasant but they dont know that I notice them or they wont as long as I stay, here, my old hurt in the foot bothers me some riding but will be all right in a day or so I meant to send some of the Regt Flag which was torn out by the explosion of a shell while passing through it the smaller pieces I picked off my hat (as I was under it) or rathernext behind the “Col. Bearer” the shell was about six feet over us & knocked two boys down with the air but no one hirt. go in for the Home Regt or any new one to be organized under the new 300,000 call

in great haste I remain as ever your aff son
Chas. S. Brown

P.S. will be paid probably before we go from here which will not be for a week. & if you have sent those things so as to give 12 days for them to get here before the l5th all right

I hope those things you sent before the 1st of this month for if you did I may get them before we move from here if not I will probably have to buy a set here besides them for I cannot do without them

in haste your aff son

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