[Mar. of April 1865?]
Head Quarters 21st Nut Crackers
In or near the celebrated, & important
town of Goldsboro North Carolina
U.S.A. western Hemisphere North America

Mr Dear Folks, Moth. Etta, Fath. J.L.F.P. or any one else,

I wrote you a few hasty affectionate intelegant, enlightning, edifying words some years hence, in the past I should have informed you. I have been on duty evry day since have been to Kingston & all over the famous, romantic, ructic, gay old sand plains of N.C. in search of — not like Samuel Slick in search of a y.f.--- but in quest of our little Hard Bread &c &c &c, Goldsboro N.C.U.S.A. is &. little 7 x 9 sort of a hold about as large as Bentonville was once. It containe several buildings and is constituted principaly of Houses & other Buildings laid out in nearly regular order. Among which is a Female Seminary (or I should say a Seminary for Females.) about as large as the City Hotel of Flint, Gen. Co. Mich. which is by far the largest Building in the place & is used by we-uns-all for the 14th A.C. Hospt. I have often visited it & find it built similar to other buildings, the City of Fayetville N.C.U.S.A. knocks the socks all off from it Fayetteville aforsdaid is a “got durned” handsone town to be in this poverty stricken place, about the march all I can say is that a few rode other walked most all “fit” and some got whipped (your most obediant for one, but they neither demoralized nor scartered me) I came out alive others did not & some only half way so. I & my horse behaved with all due respect to the Rebels as unconcerned as most of them I was awfully scart but I'll be hanged if I was going to show it & I did not how they pitched lead & iron into us sort of a (drawn triangle) three cornered arangenent got a fire thusly and got out some if not more the less said about it the better as it was a regular Bull the whole a fair And only showed the bravery of the men for nothing we (the 21st) lost heavily & the rest about in the same proportion our total foots 81. out of 325, & 5 officers out 13 were beaten & driven about 3/4 of a mile & the Div. lost 3 guns in all we however showed to the Rebs as well as out side some of the best running ever did I brought all my traps home others did not I was lucky & others not so I personaly have no reason to cpmplain. I suppose we leave here in about 2 weeks or less for, you tell where, I hope Galveston Texas. We have not been paid since Sept 1/64 & I havnot recieved any money or box by express & dont expect to I don’t care I can forage enough to eat & steal enough to wear & so I am O.K. dont send a blessed thing except mail to me. untill you hear from me to do so. all the Tobacco Fred has sent has been stolen or miscarried. I have only read one paper tell him also to “dry up”

Major Fox is here now. got the traps much obliged bully for Etta also for the letter in them. that is the kind when I only get them once in 2 months, also tell her as to what she said about Charley, B—a—a—h! she dont know him as I do Tell the Begole tribe not to be afraid to write to me. I am not afraid to read A answer , all letters from Mrs. B. (who by the way I wish was an interesting young widow or had a Sister about three times as toung as she is) well I dont care what you will say but Mrs. J. W. Begole Is just — Bully!!

Sarah Pierson played out is she. I feel for her in her great trouble. But how did Lucius Avery screw up his courage to the point realy he does know which side his bread is buttered on for Flora is a Brick
I see you have a wrong Impression that I have but five months to serve, you are greatly mistaken I have 2 year s from March 28th 1865. the Regt. it is true does not last longer than next Sept but there will be 1,001 places for a Lt. on duty beside in a Regt. I do not expect to get clear of it for a long time yet, nor to tell the truth do I want to much, if lean get some “soft place” after the Regt payes out. I am O.K. I can earn my $105.00 a month as easy as being exposed to lead once in a while as I can any other way.

Lt. Col, Bishop is soon expected to be with us & to assume Comd of the Regt he is an easy fellow does not like to put himself out of the way, & a rather smart fellow after all hope on this campaign to be lead by Gentlemen.

I was as comfortable as could be expected on the S.C, raid had something to eat all the time more than most can say lived on parched corn & rice coffee about 10 days & you can imagine what the men did, some swear that all they lived upon was “fine gum” for 2 weeks, we lived for 65 days on 5 days rations or 13 days on one days rations & were oblidged to steal the rest or go without & you never heard of a more desolate country I do not believe you can find food enough in S.C. to keep a dozen chickens over winter, or shelter enough to cover them I saw property destroyed untill I was perfectly sick of it, & that, for me to say in S.C. is considerable.

I have considerable duty to do besides my back Reports &c &c so that I have written no letters yet and as we leave in a short time I will be oblidged to make up some general kind of a letter for all hands & make it in the form of a circular & send forward for their mutual benefit, this A.M. at 9 ½ we are reviewed by our new Division Gen. Troalcott Buell our Brigadier is a regular mutton head & is cordialy hated through the Brig. we all liked our old Div. Comd. & he was as cool a man in a fight as I ever saw. he was right beside of me in the less (on the night of the 21st) & was a cool as ice, when the Rebs got around us so as to fire into our rear he turned to the boys “No use boys,” & started back the Regt followed & was the last to leave of the 2 Brigades, running acrost the swamp Carlin got down & I saw two boys use him as a stepping stone to cross dry shod. but he was proud of the 21st & they of him and he remarked to one of his staff. “If I had known what a fighting Regt the 21st was I never would have punished them for stealing Hard tack” refering to a scrape we got into in Georgia. my afairs are rather mixed all that I have is on my back no sword &c nor dont want any I have been notified that there is a “valuable R Pge” in the Ex. office at Savannah I am desired to “call for it immediately” guess I will go & get it (in a horn) so you see that is safe in Savannah & I here. nothing said about a “Money Pack” if Father has the Reciept for that let him hold to it untill I get the cash that I do not much expect to see the box I guess I will some time.

I have now got to fix up a little & get ready to see Gen Wolcott so more next time

& consider me your aff Son & Broth
Chas. S. Brown.

P.S. we are in the same Brig. & Div, & probably will stay in the same untill fall, direct to 14th A.C. 1st Div. 2nd Brig. I will get it if we are in china




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