The 21st Michigan On The March

    The following was in the remarks of the muster rolls of Company F. The writer is unknown but may have been the First Sergeant. It shows the movements of the 21st from Ionia to Murfreesboro.

September 12, 1862: Left Ionia for Detroit and left for Toledo by train.
September 13: Arrived at Toledo at daylight-proceeded to Cin Ohio by train.
September 14: Arrived at Cin at 8am. At 1pm started for Camp Covington.
September 15: Pitched tents and arranged camp.
September 16: Drilling.
September 17: Quiet
September 18: Struck tents and proceeded down Ohio River on transports.
September 19: On Ohio River.
September 20: Arrived at Louisville & bivouacked abt 4 mi from city.
September 21: In camp.
September 23: Moved camp to SW of city.
September 24: In camp.
October 1: Moved forward marched SW abt 12 mi.
October 2 : On march.
October 3 : On march.
October 4: Crossed Salt River by wading 10 miles E of Shepherdstown. Bad Roads. Camped 4 miles from Bardstown Ky.
October 5: Marched through Bardstown KY and 9 miles beyond towards Springfield.
October 6: Moved abt 1 mile to left to guard baggage train.
October 7: Proceeded on the march about 1am. Marched beyond Springfield. Did not stop until 11pm.
October 8: Marched 4 Miles. Engaged in Battle Of Perryville KY. 26 in our regt wounded- picket at night.
October 9: Under arms all day.
October 10: Remained on battlefield.
October 11: Remained under arms until 4pm. Moved N toward Dansville KY abt 5 miles.
October 12: Marched 10 miles toward Harrodsburg Ky.
October 13: Marched at daylight 3 miles toward Dansville.
October 14: Marched abt 20 miles.
October 15: Went through Lancaster Ky. Encamped near Crab Orchard.
October 16-19: Quietly in camp.
October 20-21: Marched.
October 22-24: at Rolling Farms.
October 25: Marched 12 miles to New Market.
October 26: In Bivouac. Snow 4 inches deep.
October 27: Marched toward Bowling Green Ky.
October 28: On the march.
October 30: Remained in camp. Had Inspection.
October 31: On the March.
November 1: Reached Bowling Green. Three officers and 61 men present for duty including 1 drummer.
November 2: In camp. Tents arrived.
November 4: Proceed on the march for Nashville TN, marched 16 miles.
November 5: Marched 17 miles, arrived at Mitchellville TN & detached for guard post.
November 6-7: In camp. Col. Stevens in command of post.
November 8: At 3pm moved 5 miles.
November 9: Marched 20 Miles.
November 10: Marching again.
November 11: Arrived at Edgefield TN and remained until the 21st.
November 21: Moved to camp near Mill Creek about 7 mi S of Nashville. We remained in this vicinity until December 26, 1862.
December 26: Left camp & marched for Noblesville TN. Skirmishing.
December 27: Marched on. Skirmishing all day.
December 28: Stayed in camp all day.
December 29: Continued on the march. Lt. Eben Ellenwood taken prisoner. Also Henry Michaels (may be Henry Nichols ed).
December 30: Continued on the march. Arrived on battleground.
December 31: Engaged in Battle of Stone River TN, Co F losing 1 killed, 3 wounded and 2 missing. Names as follows: Pvt Christensen Johnson killed, Lt John Loase, Pvts F Eiler & Wm Campbell wounded, Samuel Chase (drummer) and Nathan Stevens taken prisoner.
January 1, 1863: Remained in vicinity of battlefield through the 5th in camp.
January 6, 1863: Moved forward today moving through Murfreesboro camping 2 miles beyond.

[The entries end on January 6 1863. The 21st remained in camp in the Murfreesboro TN area until the start of the Tullahoma campaign in June 1863.]

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