First Person Accounts from 21st Michigan Veterans 

       Read the story of John Avery's war time experiences. Dr. Avery was the 21st Michigan Surgeon until his capture during the battle of Chickamauga. This is an excellent first person account of life in the Union Army as witnessed by Dr. Avery.
       Read a letter from William Noah who served in Company D.
       Read the letters of First Lieutenant Charles S. Brown who served as Adjutant of the 21st Michigan.
       Private Chauncy Peck letters and documents. Peck served with Company F. until his death. Read 16 letters written by him and the letter sent home to his family following his death. Also documents from his enlistment and his brother's deferral including a receipt for $300.00, Certificate of Non-Liability, and his Notification of Draft.

      The 21st Michigan on the March comes from entries found at the National Archive by member Lowell White in the remarks portion of the Company F muster rolls. This document contains a detailed movement summary from September 12th, 1862 (Ionia, Michigan) to January 6th , 1863 (Murfreesboro, TN).

Lieutenant Marcus W. Bates information

Adjutant Allen B. Morris

Several lLetters from Private Lewis MesecarCompany C

William Thornton from Company B. Letter, photo, and Order Issued.

Information and photo of the Thomas brothers.

Information and photo of George E. Taylor Company B.


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