"Order of Battle"

   The 21st Michigan Infantry was organized at Ionia and Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the summer of 1862. It was mustered into Federal service there on September 9, 1862.

   Ever read an article about the Civil War and wonder if or how the 21st Michigan was involved in the battle described? This page provides a complete list of all higher headquarters units the 21st Michigan was assigned to. In articles where the only means of identifying the participating Regiments is by knowing the Brigade, Division and/or Corp commander's name, this list will serve as a valuable resource.

   Like almost all Civil War units, the 21st Michigan Infantry was frequently known by an alternate designation derived from the
name of its commanding officer. Names of this type used by or for the regiment are shown below.

William B. McCreery's Infantry
Seymour Chase's Infantry
Loomis K. Bishop's Infantry

   On September 12, 1862, the regiment was ordered to Louisville, Kentucky. There it joined the Army of the Ohio which later became the Army of the Cumberland. The regiment served in that army for the remainder of its career. Listed below are the specific higher command assignments of the regiment.
September 1862 to November 1862

Battle of Perryville, KY: September 4, 1862

21st Michigan
Colonel Ambrose A. Stevens

37th Brigade

Colonel Nicholas Greusel

Eleventh Division

Brig. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan
III Corps
Maj. Gen. Charles C. Gilbert
Army of the Ohio
Maj. Gen. Don Carlos Buell

December 1862 to January 1863

Battle of Stone River, Murfreesboro, TN Campaign, December 26, 1862 - January 5, 1863

21st Michigan
Lieut. Col. William B. McCreery

1st Brigade

Brig. Gen. Joshua W. Sill

Col. Nicholas Greusel
Third Division

Brig. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan

Right Wing
Maj. Gen. Alexander McD. McCook
XIV Corps
Maj. Gen. William S. Rosecrans

February 1863 to October 1863


Battle of Chickamauga, GA: September 19 & 20, 1863

21st Michigan
Col. William B. McCreery

Maj. Seymour Chase

1st Brigade

Brig. Gen. William H. Lytle

Col. Silas Miller

Third Division

Maj. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan

(old XIV) XX Corps
Maj. Gen. Alexander McD. McCook

Army of the Cumberland

Maj. Gen. William S. Rosecrans

November 1863 - November 1864


Siege of Chattanooga, TN: November 1863

21st Michigan
Capt. Loomis K. Bishop

Engineer Troops

Brig. Gen. William F. Smith
Army of the Cumberland
Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas
Overall Union Commander
Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant

November 1864 to June 1865


Sherman's March to the Sea: November 15 to December 10, 1864

Siege of Savannah, GA: December 10-21, 1864 Averysboro, NC: March 16 1865

Bentonville, NC: March 19-21, 1865

21st Michigan
Capt. Arthur C. Prince
Lieut. Col Loomis K. Bishop
Second Brigade 
Bvt. Brig. Gen. George P. Buell
Lieut. Col. Michael H. Fitch
First Division
Brig. Gen. William P. Carlin
Bvt. Brig. Gen. George P. Buell
Brig. Gen. Charles C. Walcutt
14th Army Corps 

Bvt. Maj. Gen. Jefferson C. Davis
Left Wing - Army of Georgia 

Maj. Gen. Henry W. Slocum
Grand Army of the West 

Maj. Gen. William T Sherman

    During the year that the regiment served attached to the Engineer Brigade of the Army of the Cumberland, it was headquartered at Chattanooga, Tennessee. Its duties included the building of bridges and storehouses, the completion of the large Federal Hospital on Lookout Mountain, and running saw mills in Lookout Valley.


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