21st Michigan Men Buried at
Stones River National Cemetery
in Stones River National Battlefield
Located in Murfreesboro, TN

The following members of the 21st Michigan Volunteer Infantry are buried at Stones River National Cemetery. They gave all to preserve the Union.

Name Rank Company Date of Death Grave
Bartholomew, Arza Jr. Private G May 8, 1863 C-1323
Brott, Abijah Private E July 15, 1863 M-5345
Burt, William Private K May 16, 1863 M-5122
Fickes, Issac Private A May 10, 1863 O-5615
Glassbrook, George W. Private K February 13, 1863 J-3726
Greenhoe, Christopher Private D March 21, 1863 E-2153
Greenhoe, Henry Private D August 5, 1863 O-6078
Helsel, Ira Private E June 10, 1863 O-5898
Jessop, Henry Private G April 16, 1863 D-5954
Kelly, John O. Private C March 23, 1863 F-2462
Lawyer, Abram A. Sergeant H December 31, 1862 E-1894
Meloy, Bran H. Private C May 24, 1864 O-5962
Moore, Chauncey R. Private E April 25, 1863 M-5344
Persons, Cyrus Corporal A April 16, 1863 O-6039
Reed, Orrin H. Private K February 12, 1863 J-3712
Rosecrans, Samuel F. Sergeant E March 5, 1863 A-37
Squires, Samuel C. Private H January 1, 1864 A-82
Swigant, James W. Corporal A February 13, 1863 F-2397
Weaver, W. H.     June 13, 1863 B-591

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