Battle of Stone River (Murfreesboro), Tennessee 
31 December 1862 - 3 January 1863

Order of Battle - 21st Michigan Summary

Fourteenth Army Corps
Maj. Gen. William S. Rosecrans

Right Wing
Maj. Gen. Alexander McD. McCook

Third (Late Eleventh) Division
Brig. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan

First (late Thirty-seventh) Brigade
(1.) Brig. Gen. Joshua W. Sill,
(Killed in action during the battle)
(2.) Col. Nicholas Greusel

21st Michigan
Lieut. Col. William B. McCreery

36th Illinois
Col. Nicholas Greusel
Maj. Silas Miller
Capt. Porter C. Olson
88th Illinois
Col. Francis T. Sherman
24th Wisconsin
Maj. Elisha C. Hibbard

A detailed description of the battle.

Michigan Marker at Stones River Battlefield
Click on image to view the historical marker provided by the State of Michigan and erected on the battlefield.

map of the Stones River Battlefield
Click on image to view a map of the battle field.
21st Michigan Casualties



or Missing


Other Michigan units that participated in the battle.

9th Michigan Infantry
 Col. John G. Parkhurst

10th Michigan Infantry
    Lieut. Col. C. J. Dickerson

11th Michigan Infantry
    Col. William L. Stoughton

13th Michigan Infantry
    Col. Michael Shoemaker

14th Michigan Infantry
    Lieut. Col. Myndert W. Quackenbush
    Lieut. Col. Milton L. Phillips

1st Michigan Artillery, Battery A
    Lieut. George W. Van Pelt

1st Michigan Artillery, Battery D
    Capt. Josiah W. Church

1st Michigan Artillery, Battery E
    Capt. John J. Ely

4th Michigan Cavalry
    Lieut. Col. William H. Dickinson

1st Michigan Engineers & Mechanics
    Col. William P. Innes

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