Civil War Infantry Drill and Tactics

This site provides a small collection of drill manuals that when used together cover the drill requirements for 21st Michigan reenactors.

Drill Manuals:

Hardee's 1855 - Governor Austin Blair, of Michigan required Michigan troops to use this manual for their training. However, this manual was written for soldiers armed with two band muskets.

Hardee's 1862 - A modification of the 1855 version written for Confederate use. Includes modifications for use of the three band Civil War era musket.

Duffield's 1861 Pamphlet - Provides specific instruction for Camp, Garrison, and Guard Duty with Manual of Arms modifications for Michigan Troops. Provides instructions to clarify Hardee's 1855 and Manual of Arms modifications required for three band musket use.


NOTE: The layout and index for each manual has been modified from the original to facilitate reenactor training. If interest, you can find many Internet sites that attempt to reproduce these manuals in their original layout/form.

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